Mission & Goals

It is the mission of BIMAC as a professional association to contribute actively to the disbursement of knowledge and information about the theory and practice of management accounting & control and to the creation of a dynamic network of professionals active in the domain of management accounting & control. It is our goal to be a continuous driving force in the development and implementation of new techniques and concepts in the field of management accounting & control. Especially, we want to stress the validation versus business experience and best practices. We want to achieve this goal via continuous encouragement and promotion of research & development and educational initiatives in our domain of interest, this is via a maximum number of opportunities to share information and experiences. Additionally, BIMAC wants to contribute to the development and recognition of the function of management controller as key function with high added value for the company.


Our activities are built around a series of seminars and workshops on new developments and best practices in the domain of management accounting & control.
Additionally we organise an annual full day event, ‘special interest’ work groups and company visits. Official language during the activities is Dutch, French or English, depending on the nature of the activity and the mother tongue of the guest speaker.